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Inner Happiness, Outer Success, and World Peace –
Discover The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility

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A Life-Enriching Experience
The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility

The Maharishi Towers of Invincibility are buildings displaying the world’s most universal, timeless, and practical life knowledge. Here, visitors can learn in a fun and interactive way about ‘the laws that govern the universe and discover their easy application for progress in life.

Invincibility means impenetrable strength strength based on coherence, unity, and peace. Unlike military strength that perpetuates war and disharmony, the invincibility within the Maharishi Tower is peace-based invincibility. This kind of invincibility prevents violence from arising and dissolves present conflicts peacefully.

Activate The Intelligence Of The Universe In 12 Key Areas Of Life

1. Master The Laws Of The Universe Master Your Life

LAW: Master the ‘laws of nature’ that govern the universe, and apply them to
successfully manage your own life.

2. Break The Cycle Of Stress

EDUCATION: Find out how to dissolve stress and enliven the integrated functioning of the whole brain to unfold the full intelligence of both student and teacher.

3. Activate Healing From Within

HEALTH: Enliven your body’s inner intelligence to utilise its healing power, using cost-effective natural treatments free from damaging side effects.


4. Maximise Nature’s Resources

AGRICULTURE: Engage ancient natural techniques of agriculture that nourish both the farmer and the crops, and profoundly increase the nutritional value of food.

5. Remove Poverty Globally

ECONOMICS: Remove poverty through a global programme to sustainably utilise every country’s unused natural resources and bring abundance and equal opportunity to every member of our world family.

6. Magnify Your Business Results

ADMINISTRATION: Magnify the results of every undertaking through techniques that enhance timely decisions and prevent unwanted obstacles.

7. Homes That Bring You Health, Wealth, And Happiness

ARCHITECTURE: Did you know that the house you live in can influence your well-being? Learn how to construct buildings that bring health, wealth, and
happiness to their inhabitants.


8. Gain Peace And Safety For Yourself And Your Nation

DEFENCE: Ensure peace and safety for yourself, your nation, and your world.
See how a small percentage of the world’s population creating peace in their own lives can reduce global unrest and dissolve the seeds of war.

9. Stress-Free Communication = Stress-Free Relationships

COMMUNICATION: Communicate from a deeper level of harmony to increase your effectiveness and positive influence and enjoy stress-free relationships.

10. Balance Your Mind, Body, And Environment

MUSIC AND ART: Discover how ancient forms of music and art bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and environment.

11. Dissolve Conflict Between Religions And Cultures

RELIGION AND CULTURE: Go beyond the surface differences of life to explore the underlying connectedness of every religion and culture, bringing greater appreciation and respect for all.

12. Enjoy Complete Care & Infrastructure For Your Country

POLITICS: See how a coherence-creating group for each government provides the basis for every individual to be fulfilled and cared for, without sacrificing the needs of society.

Conclusion: The Individual Is Cosmic

PLANETARIUM: Tie all the layers of knowledge together via the Planetarium show entitled “The Individual is Cosmic” a journey through the universe that reveals all knowledge is contained within one’s Self.

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility is named in honor of the foremost scientist of consciousness, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi devoted his life to reviving ‘Total Knowledge’ complete knowledge of the laws that govern the universe and structure human existence to bring fulfillment to every area of life.

maharishijiA message from the founder: On the 9th of January 2008, Maharishi looked back on his 50 years of tireless work, and expressed his last wish for the world – a ‘Tower of Invincibility’. He asked to make this tower a lively place of knowledge where authentic universal knowledge could be experienced. This was not only his last wish, but also his final gift to a world in search of inner happiness and world peace.

Towers Around the World


Maharishi Towers of Invincibility are currently being planned in: Holland, Maharishi Vedic City – USA, and Thailand. Similar towers are planned for  every country. We invite you and visitors from all nations to experience and support the first Maharishi Tower – a monument to peace and prosperity.

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