#4: European Tour In Full Swing

Jan/Feb 2016: The last 8 weeks have been jam-packed with presentations on the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility to a select number of european cities. Lucky locations include Lelystad (Holland), Erfurt (Germany), where Dr Bevan Morris spoke about the Maharishi Tower in light of the growing number of TM success stories happening all throughout the world. Next stop; Antalya (Turkey), a definite highlight due to its refined 4.5 star Akka Hotel positioned directly on the beach, turning it on for over 100 course participants, the Tower presentation had the whole function room bubbling with enthusiasm while hearing the many layers of innovation being engineered into the Maharishi Tower.

EU Tour

And lastly Brussels (Belgium), where the function coincided with the Brussels Peace Assembly which utilised the most profound technologies of consciousness to create coherence for the EU Leaders Summit – an important meeting where europe’s top political leaders decide on policies for the coming period. A massive thank you to all our Tower course participants for your valued support!

Brussels Peace Assembly

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