#7: Defence Floor Release + Global Updates

August 2016: 1. The Maharishi Tower team has just released its third official video: a 3D concept design of the Defence Floor describing ‘Invincibility’ via the scientifically proven similarities between the Meissner effect and the Maharishi effect.

2. During Guru Purnima last month (at MERU, Holland) the Tower Team laid out a detailed vision for the Maharishi Tower in a floor-by-floor presentation, including plans to create not only a physical home for Maharishi’s knowledge, but a virtual one as well—and have the entire Tower experience available both online and in virtual reality.

guru purnima and VR

3. The Tower was also presented at MERU’s first ever Open Day which was a great success and inspired 1200 local residents to experience all areas of Maharishi’s Vedic Knowledge.

open day

4. The Tower Team also held an interactive workshop for the Next Generation Course participants, giving each group the chance to solve a real-life Tower challenge, including interactive design, marketing, and viral donation strategies, resulting in some innovative strategic solutions.

Next Gen Workshop

5. The Maharishi Tower went ‘on tour’ to Canada with Promotions Director Jamie Knapp, and Dr. Paul Potter, showcasing the inspiring Tower developments to groups in Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Canada Tour - Montreal and Vancouver

The highlight of the Niagara Falls presentation, was the visit to our 200 acres of land situated on the beautiful Welland river—only 10 minutes from Niagara Falls—a promising location to expound all areas of Maharishi Vedic Science.

Niagara Falls

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