#8: Administration Floor—Fueled By Software Innovation

October 2016: Just released—the Administration Floor of the Maharishi Tower is designed with the business manager in mind and shows how ‘management’ can be just as relevant to a company, as it is to yourself in managing your own life.

It visually describes how through Transcendental Meditation, one can align one’s mind with the infinite organising intelligence of nature—allowing us to ‘Do Less and Accomplish More’.

The floor also utilises full size interactive touch screen displays allowing people to physically, mentally, and emotionally explore and interact with the knowledge in a very personal way.

The artist’s impression below shows the displays with various coloured icons that when touched, ‘blossom open’ to reveal scientifically proven benefits of the TM technique in specific areas of life.

TM icons

The following video gives an inspiring example of the interactive learning experience created by the touch screen displays.

‘So far the feedback on our design concepts has been very positive and people can’t wait to see them come to life inside the Maharishi Tower. This is exactly the sort of enthusiasm we want to create!’—Dr. Kingsley Brooks

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks…our next release—the Planetarium spectacular!

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