#9 A Planetarium Unlike Any Other

    December 2016: From the Big Bang, to the present day, from smaller than the smallest, to bigger than the biggest—the Maharishi Tower Planetarium Show reveals our link to the cosmos!

    The latest release from the Tower team showcases some profound insights, including:

    • The one-to-one relationships between the planets and our human physiology
    • The critical connections between human intelligence and cosmic intelligence
    • How anyone can harness the limitless power of nature
    The Tower’s planetarium will tie together all levels of Maharishi Tower experience—from the unified field of Natural Law to the entire cosmos—and everything in between…Stay tuned for more to come.

    #8: Administration Floor—Fueled By Software Innovation

    October 2016: Just released—the Administration Floor of the Maharishi Tower is designed with the business manager in mind and shows how ‘management’ can be just as relevant to a company, as it is to yourself in managing your own life.

    It visually describes how through Transcendental Meditation, one can align one’s mind with the infinite organising intelligence of nature—allowing us to ‘Do Less and Accomplish More’.

    The floor also utilises full size interactive touch screen displays allowing people to physically, mentally, and emotionally explore and interact with the knowledge in a very personal way.

    The artist’s impression below shows the displays with various coloured icons that when touched, ‘blossom open’ to reveal scientifically proven benefits of the TM technique in specific areas of life.

    TM icons

    The following video gives an inspiring example of the interactive learning experience created by the touch screen displays.

    ‘So far the feedback on our design concepts has been very positive and people can’t wait to see them come to life inside the Maharishi Tower. This is exactly the sort of enthusiasm we want to create!’—Dr. Kingsley Brooks

    Stay tuned for more sneak peeks…our next release—the Planetarium spectacular!

    #7: Defence Floor Release + Global Updates

    August 2016: 1. The Maharishi Tower team has just released its third official video: a 3D concept design of the Defence Floor describing ‘Invincibility’ via the scientifically proven similarities between the Meissner effect and the Maharishi effect.

    2. During Guru Purnima last month (at MERU, Holland) the Tower Team laid out a detailed vision for the Maharishi Tower in a floor-by-floor presentation, including plans to create not only a physical home for Maharishi’s knowledge, but a virtual one as well—and have the entire Tower experience available both online and in virtual reality.

    guru purnima and VR

    3. The Tower was also presented at MERU’s first ever Open Day which was a great success and inspired 1200 local residents to experience all areas of Maharishi’s Vedic Knowledge.

    open day

    4. The Tower Team also held an interactive workshop for the Next Generation Course participants, giving each group the chance to solve a real-life Tower challenge, including interactive design, marketing, and viral donation strategies, resulting in some innovative strategic solutions.

    Next Gen Workshop

    5. The Maharishi Tower went ‘on tour’ to Canada with Promotions Director Jamie Knapp, and Dr. Paul Potter, showcasing the inspiring Tower developments to groups in Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Vancouver.

    Canada Tour - Montreal and Vancouver

    The highlight of the Niagara Falls presentation, was the visit to our 200 acres of land situated on the beautiful Welland river—only 10 minutes from Niagara Falls—a promising location to expound all areas of Maharishi Vedic Science.

    Niagara Falls

    #6: The Bubble Diagram “Brought To Life”

    May 2016: The animation team has just released the next piece of the Tower exhibitions — the famous Bubble Diagram “brought to life”. Positioned in the grand hall of the Maharishi Tower, the three dimensional installation utilises illuminated moving water to represent the active thought-waves of the mind, grounded in a transparent plinth representing the silent ocean of pure consciousness.

    The installation illustrates when a wave on the ocean makes contact with deeper levels of water, it becomes more powerful. Likewise, when the conscious mind expands to embrace deeper levels of thinking, the thought-wave also increases in power, resulting in increased energy, creativity, and intelligence.

    #5: The Architecture Floor – Just Released

    April 2016: The architecture team has been busy working to bring you their labour of love – an impressive 3D animation of the architecture floor inside the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility. In 3 minutes it shows how the Maharishi Tower will explain the profound principles of Vastu Architecture in a beautifully simple and visual way, so the visitor can understand these principles of nature – instantaneously.

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